We help customers solve complex IT challenges and deliver the desired business outcome through next-generation IT technology solutions.


In our customer-focused culture, we don’t force transactions or engage in unappreciated behaviors. We value integrity, honesty, and trust.

Since 2008, we’ve cultivated a positive working environment where people can thrive. We support an entrepreneurial environment, the work performed by members of our team is largely self-directed. We clearly define roles, but promote regular opportunities to add responsibilities for growth and fulfillment.

Our expertise runs company-wide and is rooted in our deep knowledge of the complexities of the Technology Provider / VAR industry.

We thrive working to solve unique technology challenges and demands from our wide variety of clients; a list that includes small-to-medium businesses, large corporations, all branches of the US Military, as well as all sectors of local & federal Governments.

The Paragon Micro team is our greatest asset, we heavily invest in them.

Our people matched with a business infrastructure designed for success, strong industry partnerships, expert-level customer service, and leadership that encourages continual improvement at all levels makes us a well-respected and long-term trusted partner with our customers.


Paragon Micro’s Vision Meets Execution with Excellence. Consistently.

Our leadership team sets the standard for the entire Paragon Micro team by delivering better business outcomes through transparency, collaboration, and accountability.

Through passion and problem-solving, we drive continual progress.

We are known in our industry for being experienced, accessible, and easy to work with.

We listen. We communicate. We problem-solve.

You can expect our entire company, beginning with our leadership team, to be responsive to your needs.


Paragon Micro is a leading provider of computing hardware, software, and technology solutions to business and public sector clients. Our clients span the US and reach every corner of the globe. Regardless of your location, size, or industry, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your organizational goals.

Now in our second decade, we continue to subscribe to a simple and critical law of success: we grow our business by helping our clients grow theirs.

Every client is unique and every project a new journey, but we always start by identifying the needs and requirements of your business success. We focus on building great relationships with our clients, but we don’t stop there. We have fostered solid relationships with more than a thousand partners. That is how we seamlessly connect you to the best-of-breed hardware, software, and solutions.

Client relationships begin and end with our Compass of Commitment. We use this compass to ensure that we are continuing to deliver on expectations, provide high value, and represent a clear competitive advantage in overcoming IT challenges, while achieving desired business results.