In today’s world of mobile and remote workforces, collaboration of documents, designs, projects and more can become a challenge for any size and type of organization. Paragon Micro empowers organizations with the ability to connect their employees, partners, and customers by making use of existing and emerging technologies.

Modern collaboration is much more than emailing a document to the team then combining all those edits into something useful. Imagine a shared digital whiteboard with people connected from across the globe to help with a new plan or design. Imagine collaborating on a document or presentation with people in multi-locations, each working on a separate section while seeing those changes in real-time.

Our Collaboration Solutions enable your organization to transcend differences in geography and organizational rank by making use of the latest in UCaaS, CCaaS, Video Conferencing, and Digital Workspaces to facilitating effective team collaboration in real-time. Our experience in using the expanding body of collaboration tools has guided organizations worldwide that found themselves hindered by disconnected environments.

Our expertise can help you transform your operation into a modern connected enterprise.

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