In today’s cybersecurity threat landscape, you need smarter and more effective solutions, people, and processes in place with complete visibility into all your systems to prevent leaks and breaches. It’s not just enough to have some fancy security technologies, but you need the right people and policies in place to ensure your company's safety and reduce exposure.

This goes double for those under regulatory scrutiny. Our solutions cover everything from the endpoint through the network and into the data center, whether owned by you or provided as a service. Paragon Micro offers 360-degree visibility and awareness for securing both applications and data integrity.

Our teams routinely consult with the most demanding of customers in public and private sectors as we understand the motivations and mindsets of the cyber criminals targeting you. We focus on providing you with the right technologies to build your own security teams or helping you partner with someone to watch over you 24x7x365.

Whether your needs are focused around compliance, security operations, consulting or managed services, Paragon Micro offers both the solutions and services built around your business’ security needs.

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