Paragon Micro serves the Federal Government as a full-service IT solution provider

Federal Contracts

Paragon Micro has term federal contracts with:

  • GSA
  • 2GIT

We understand how Federal Agencies buy products and services, how to navigate and overcome any challenges associated with the process, and the importance of improving overall efficiency.

Our Federal Advisors is a highly qualified and innovative team of professionals who will work with you to deliver solutions that meet your unique needs - meeting mission-critical challenges in the process.

We have deep experience in data center modernization and cloud solutions as well as emerging technologies like machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI), BYOD initiatives, and the growing landscape of cybersecurity. We're a partner in your success - together, we'll determine the right technology required for your agency to achieve its objectives.

GSA Schedule 70

GSA Schedule 70 (Prime)
GS-35F-069BA (Professional Services)
GSA Schedule 70
GS-35F-0511T EC America - Participating Dealer (products only)
GS-35F-0563U Synnex Corporation - Team Member and Supplier (products only)
GSA is the Federal government's procurement expert that helps other Federal agencies purchase professional services directly from Paragon Micro.

Contact Information

For General Inquiries Contact Paragon Micro's Contract Manager:
Carroll Genovese
SEWP Program Manager
Paragon Micro, Inc.
Phone: (703) 268-2661 Email:

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