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Paragon Micro knows that the reliable and robust operation of your IT is vital to you, your management, and to your company’s success.
To best support you, we offer an array of practical and valuable solutions that help you maintain and optimize the reliability and performance of your IT infrastructure.

Microsoft Certified Solution Provider

As a Microsoft Tier-1 Cloud Solutions Provider, Paragon Micro is able to provide a range of flexible licensing options, consultative services and support options to assist organizations in understanding the best way to purchase and deploy essential Microsoft software and cloud services.

While most environments contain a mixture of both on-premises and cloud, our experts help you choose from a license model that protects your investment and prevents re-architecture challenges down the line.

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In today’s world of mobile and remote workforces, collaboration of documents, designs, projects and more can become a challenge for any size and type of organization. Paragon Micro empowers organizations with the ability to connect their employees, partners, and customers by making use of existing and emerging technologies.

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In today’s cybersecurity threat landscape, you need smarter and more effective solutions, people, and processes in place with complete visibility into all your systems to prevent leaks and breaches. It’s not just enough to have some fancy security technologies, but you need the right people and policies in place to ensure your company's safety and reduce exposure. This goes double for those under regulatory scrutiny.

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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has become a ubiquitous term in the business technology world today, but what exactly is it and which solution is right for your business? Paragon Micro is well-positioned to support your digital transformation initiatives by leveraging our access to and knowledge of cloud computing.

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Providing users with fast, reliable, and secure access to their applications and data is the cornerstone of any business that wants to grow. Ensuring that people are productive, working remotely or in an office or anywhere really, makes all the difference in determining your level of success. When it comes to networking, every organization has different needs, and in the era of digital transformation, modern businesses are relying more and more on a partner who can help them identify the networking technologies that will benefit them the most while reducing risks and keeping costs in check.

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Paragon Micro has enabled companies of all sizes to realize the benefits of embracing virtualization technologies. Reducing IT expenses, enhancing security, improving systems availability, increasing productivity, and driving operational efficiencies are only a handful of the major benefits these technologies can bring to every organization big or small.

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Data Center Infrastructure

Paragon Micro’s Data Center Infrastructure knowledge has been adopted by many companies as part of their core business strategy. Modern Data Centers consist of a combination of software and hardware purposefully designed to enhance user productivity while protecting and providing reliable access to applications and data.

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In IT there is a difference between “getting things setup” and “getting things set up RIGHT”. Also, it’s hard enough keeping up with the day to day ongoing management of everything, much less learning something new, getting it implemented in a timely manner, and expecting it to be perfect on day one.

Proven expertise makes all the difference in determining whether or not your project is successful and well-received within a business. For customers that need assistance because of time or skills or to minimize risk, Paragon Micro offers professional engineering and architecture services custom-tailored to complement the needs of your business.

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